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For people

We help engineers take ownership of their lives by giving them options of where to live and what projects to work on. Being free of politics is impossible. No matter how hard you want to focus on technology as global it might still get you one day that your country has other views on it.

If you have made the choice to act on it and choose a place to live that does not limit you, we have some ideas to offer.

That is the main choice that you have to make before coming to us.

Then it’s 3 questions that we’ll guide you through

  • If you already have an employer that wants to relocate people or an offer from a company that will not relocate you but is ok to hire you if you have legal means to be employed, then we can become those means to you.
  • If you do not have a project yet, we are happy to help find you one. You can check out the list of vacancies (here), or just apply with the cv and we’ll what we can do. We have an extensive network of companies in different countries so we will work to find sth the soonest.

Going forward we’ll have more and more cool projects. As you might already know we are strong believers in Open Source. We’ve created, governed and supported projects over the years and have tons of exciting ideas on OSS technology, culture and funding. It takes more time than the urgent needs listed above but we are building a community of like-minded individuals that you can be a part of.

We have chosen Cyprus as the main location for this operation. You can find out more about the background of this choice (here). Our goal is to provide people with a new home – the country where they become residents with all the rights and freedoms. We are helping to set up the new life here – medicine, bank accounts, schools, language courses, etc.

If you don’t have a visa it is not a blocker, please tell us about your current location and document situation and we will help you.

Join us, your life will never be the same again!

For companies

Tech companies that want to enter new markets. If you want to restart your business in new geo to have better access to global markets, relocate the technology and people or just expand your R&D to the EU we are here to help

We have our feet on the ground in Cyprus and a support network to reduce the stress of this new chapter

We are not just another relocation service. We have deep knowledge and experience governing IP for business continuation across multiple geographies. We understand EU regulation specifics. We come from the startup and VC World and can help with proper setup to make the company investable, including tech choices, go-to-market and fundraising. But most importantly we have the unfair advantage of knowing how to work with Open Source to leverage all of the above.

What is the deal?

  • Set-up and people relocation.

  • Local support of employees and their families.

  • Talent sourcing.

  • Open-Source consulting and project governance.

  • Modern co-working space with a growing community and access to the OSS ecosystem.

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