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We come from the tech world, being a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and tech VCs. We started the Paperclip Operation in February 2022 answering the need of our own companies and our portfolio companies.

The need is very simple – to work on technological exciting global projects.

In the world that we live in today it means the ability to vote with your feet – to go and live in places that do not compromise one’s beliefs, rights and safety – and do what we all want to do – create technology. It is a choice that we have done ourselves and we want to support people on a similar journey as we are all together building this community on the new principles. You might find that a lot of them actually are rhyming with Open Source principals.

And that’s not accidental, among other advantages, OSS is the way to make tech independent from countries and politics and to continue working on your projects in new geos. We have decades of experience creating, governing and otherwise defining the OSS industry and we have tons of plans going forward.

But first things first.

We are against the war.

We are helping people find engineering jobs, and build their teams and companies in new countries. But we also help build lives here – from finding schools to organizing communities, we want people to have a home here.

The Team

Tanya Dadasheva
Tanya DadashevaDirector
Claudia Fahrner
Claudia FahrnerFounder, Head of HR
Roman Shaposhnik
Roman ShaposhnikFounder, Director
Christos Christou
Christos ChristouDirector
Michael Bielicki
Michael BielickiDirector

The IP Paperclip Project Ltd. is a Limited Company registered in the Republic of Cyprus under the registration number HE432417, having its registered offices at Office 102, 169 Athalassas Avenue, Strovolos 2025, Cyprus.