State education in Cyprus is well developed and well regulated. It is controlled by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

School attendance is compulsory from ages 5 to 15. Tuition is provided free, up to and including the undergraduate level. College and university education is provided through direct funding from the institution.

There are several choices for education in Cyprus:

  • Children can be enrolled from age 3 in nurseries or kindergartens, public or private. The final pre-school year (age 5) is now mandatory and state-supported
  • Primary school runs from age 6 – 11
  • Basic secondary school runs from age 12 – 15

Students are then faced with a choice to continue in the academic stream – Lyceum runs from age 16 – 18 – or to enrol in vocational/technical colleges, where the duration of tuition will vary depending on the profession or occupation chosen. For those attending the vocational colleges or taking apprenticeships, there is also the chance of further advancement through technical universities, and there are many institutions for professions such as teaching.

Those studying at the Lyceum can sit a University Entrance Exam if they wish.

  • schools – is moving mid-year possible, when to apply, how to apply etc
  • Student tickets
    • By the implementation of the new system which governs public transport, students could easily use the bus for any route at any time and for free. For this purpose, it was considered right that every school unit provides students with student ID cards, which students will have to show every time they use public transport. Every student ID card will be valid only for one school year and a new one will be issued each year until the student is dismissed.