Pregnant workers are entitled to a maternity leave of 18 weeks in total (of which 11 are compulsory and are allocated as follows: two before the week of the expected birth and the rest after birth), provided that the pregnant worker provides the necessary medical certificate that states the estimated date of delivery. 22 weeks for the second child, and 26 weeks for the third (or subsequent) child, including for adoption or surrogacy.

For a period of nine (9) months from birth, or from the day the maternity leave starts in case of adoption, the working mother has the right to either interrupt her employment for one hour or go to work one hour later or leave work one hour earlier every day. It is noted that this hour is considered and paid as working time.

Fathers are entitled to 2 consecutive weeks of paid paternity leave within the 16 weeks following the birth of a child, paid by the Social Insurance Fund at 75.20% of the employee’s regular salary.

The right to parental leave covers all employees who have children under the age of 8. According to the law, every eligible employee can take up unpaid parental leave of up to eighteen weeks for each child.